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Security Focused IT Training and Internships

Career in Cloud DevSecOps & CyberSecurity 

Courses and consulting by industry experts.

Join the frontlines of technology, creativity and cyberdefense.

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Our 16 week Cloud Security and DevSecOps courses and AdveonTech internships give you direct access to the most elite information security experts in the world.

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MinnTech bridges the gap between academics and rapidly evolving front line practices to make your students truly job ready.

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MinnTech can help bring your existing teams up to speed on current information security vulnerabilities and remediation.

There are over 700,000
unfilled cybersecurity
positions in the USA.

3.4 Million worldwide.

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About MinnTech

Applied Science Training

Our MinnTech curricula were created by industry experts to prepare job-ready professionals.  Qualified graduates can access on the job experience through our internships and are prepared in up to date skill sets to engage ever evolving cloud & DevSecOps technologies to defend against the most current cybersecurity threats.

With rapid developing technologies it is essential to stay ahead of the game. 

MinnTech students learn directly from frontline industry experts.


The Cloud Essential's course got me straight into an internship with ZenDesk. It was very practical and taught me how to apply what I was learning.

Eric Q

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