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to create job ready professionals

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To prepare graduates in current technologies

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Combine the best of academics and current industry practice.

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To educate students in applied  science, technology, engineering and mathematics and help them build a career based on continual self-improvement and development, preparing them for cutting edge technical careers and applied research.


To create access to applied science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers so that students from diverse backgrounds can build healthy careers that serve  their community and our world.

Faculty and Administration

Eric Ong Business Portrait

Eric Ong

Cloud Security

Eric is Lead Information Security Architect, Manager Security Architect and Strategy for a Minnesota based Fortune 100 multinational conglomerate.Eric is also an international education consultant and founded the International Education Institute.

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Dr Venkat Business Portrait

Dr. Venkat Kanchumarthy

Cloud Security

Dr. Venkat is a Cybersecurity Architect with 17 years serving Fortune 100 companies.

He is dedicated to community service and active in nonprofits working on well being and skill development.

David Kumoro Business Portrait

David Kumoro


David is a Software Solution Architect with a Minnesota based Fortune 100 airline.  He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies in various industries such as legal, retail, and finance. 

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Greg Silker Business Portrait

Greg Silker

Strategy, Ethics & Influence

Greg Silker is a media entrepreneur and start up consultant.  He has started several non-profits and purpose-focused businesses.

His company Silker Studios influences for good through marketing,, entrepreneurship and entertainment.

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Sunil Ayyappankutty Business Portrait




Sunil is a Senior Solution Architect for a Minnesota based Fortune 100 airline. He is a seasoned solution architect with experience in Identity and Access management, distributed architecture and cloud computing.

DanCreed Business Portrait

Dan Creed

Project Management & Commuication

Dan is Professor and Global Studies Chair and International Exchange Director at Normandale Community College.  He and his wife are co-owners of Heritage Motessori School.

Dan specializes in business management, business etiquette/protocol and team building.

Kevin Chenowith Business Portrait

Kevin Chenoweth

Project Management & Communication

Kevin has transformed many companies through Cloud implementations, product management and corporate turnarounds. 


He has transformed and streamlined multiple Fortune 500 and medium sized businesses from silo organizations into enterprise organizations, communicating across all departments and centralizing strategic initiatives and decisions.

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Advisory Board

    Lee Winbush Business Portrait

    Lee Winbush

    Advisory Board

    Lee is Senior Technology & Transformation Manager for 3M Company’s Consumer Business Group. 

    Lee also serves the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business as an Executive Fellow and Adjunct Faculty - advancing and teaching emerging technologies in business.

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    John Valente Business Portrait

    John Valente

    Advisory Board

    John has served as as CISO of Best Buy and 3M.  He has experience in building & managing large global organizations and has focused on Information Security, Risk and Compliance.

    John has served on several security advisory boards and is currently an advisor to Ridgeback Network Defense.  John is also a member of the Cyber Security Summit Think Tank.

    Michaekl Musto Business Portrait

    Michael M. Musto III

    Advisory Board

    Mike Musto is currently Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer for Worldwide Express. He has global responsibilities for all areas of Cyber Security.

    Mike brings more than 40 years of information technology and security experience in senior leadership within the financial, insurance, technology, and manufacturing industries.

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    Aaron Tesch Business Portrait

    Aaron Tesch

    Advisory Board

    Aaron is Associate Director in Cyber Protection for a Global consulting firm since 2018.  Prior to that Aaron was a Principal Engineer at a Fortune 50 corporation.
    Aaron has 20+ Years of IT and Information Security experience and is a patented inventor of a security technology used to manage credentials across distributed data centers.

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    Ekzhin Ear

    Advisory Board

    Ekzhin is a Data Systems Engineer with over two decades of experience in the defense sector including a tour with the NATO cyber red team. His exploit research has led to several 0day disclosures for major vendors (e.g., IBM, Cisco) and he has published in several international conferences (e.g., IEEE CNS). He also holds several advanced certifications (e.g., OSCP, OSCE, GXPN, GREM).

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    Dr Rose Chu Business Portrait

    Dr. Rose Chu

    Advisory Board

    Dr. Rose Chu has served as Assistant Commissioner at the Minnesota Department of Education.

    She currently holds the position of Senior Policy Fellow at Minnesota Education Equity Partnership, leading a campaign to elevate the teaching profession.

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    Dr Hafed Boussaida Business Portrait

    Dr. Hafed Boussaida

    Advisory Board

    Dr. Boussaida 

     is professor emeritus at Minneapolis College where he developed and founded the Media Arts program.

     He is an expert in curriculum and program development.

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    Akira Hasegawa Business Portrait

    Akira Hasegawa

    Advisory Board

    Akira is a founder of Kyoto Institute of Information Studies at KSG, Kyoto, Japan.  He has served as General Manager of NPO International Computer Education Development Business Planning Department.

    Akira has built sister relationships between the Rochester Institute of Technology and Kyoto Computer Gakuin, Kyoto, Japan.

    Minntech Community Commitment

    Our team is committed to all students' success.  We partner with schools, industry and community based organizations to make sure students have the life skills and fundamentals to succeed in life and career.  Each of us has experience in our field of expertise as well as a background in nonprofit and community service and education.  We champion the talents in our community and strive to create access in underserved as well as affluent communities.

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