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CyberSecurity has become a life and business essential.

And an amazing opportunity for your students.

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Add cloud & cybersecurity training to your daytime, after school or summer school offerings.

Graduation Caps


Pair cloud & cybersecurity training with your business, leadership, or liberal arts degrees.

Adult Education Course


Create  doors of opportunity for the people and communities you serve by facilitating access to a career ready courses.

MinnTech can provide stand alone or integrated Cloud, DevSecOps and CyberSecurity courses to schools and organizations that want to add Tech Courses to their programs.

With your degree programs and our Security expertise students will graduate prepared to lead their organizations in this era where companies need to understand the role of security in their business culture and strategy.

We provide course packages that are perfect compliments to a liberal arts, leadership or business degrees.

For high school students, course packages can be delivered in a combination of after school/summer boot camp or in school programs.

Students shouldn't have to choose between a liberal arts degree and a technical skill.  

Between understanding the world and getting a job.

In the constantly evolving world of information and infrastructure security, MinnTech provides up to date training by industry experts.

An essential reality in the world we live.

An amazing opportunity for your students.

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